In addition to the usual Markdown/AsciiDoc syntax for including images, you can embed live versions of the C4 model diagrams from your workspace into your documentation.

Basic embed

For example, the following will embed the diagram with the key MyDiagramKey into the documentation page.

  • Markdown: ![](embed:MyDiagramKey)
  • AsciiDoc: image::embed:MyDiagramKey[]

Alternatively for the cloud service only, if your workspace is public or shareable with a link, you can use the URL of the published image, such as https://static.structurizr.com/workspace/1/diagrams/MyDiagramKey.png instead. Structurizr will see that this link corresponds to a diagram in your workspace, and replace the static PNG image with a live embedded version. Using this approach means that your Markdown/AsciiDoc files will be rendered to include the static image when they are viewed outside of Structurizr.


You can also provide some parameters, to customise the embedded diagram.

  • type: The type of visualisation to embed; diagram (default) or graph.
  • perspective: The name of the perspective to show.

For example:

  • Markdown: ![](embed:MyDiagramKey{type=graph})
  • AsciiDoc: image::embed:MyDiagramKey{perspective=Security}[]