Structurizr Lite will look for a workspace.dsl and workspace.json file in your Structurizr data directory, in that order, and use the file it finds first. Navigating to http://localhost:8080 should open Structurizr Lite, where you’ll be able to view any diagrams, documentation, and decision records defined in your workspace. Any changes made to the workspace.dsl or workspace.json file will be reflected when you refresh your web browser.

Workspace path

Setting an environment variable named STRUCTURIZR_WORKSPACE_PATH provides a way to tell Structurizr Lite that your workspace definition can be found in a subdirectory of the Structurizr data directory. This can be useful in conjunction with the workspace extension feature; for example:

  • /Users/simon/structurizr/system-landscape.dsl
  • /Users/simon/structurizr/software-system-1/workspace.dsl (extends ../system-landscape.dsl)
  • /Users/simon/structurizr/software-system-2/workspace.dsl (extends ../system-landscape.dsl)

To start Structurizr Lite against the workspace for “software system 1”, with Docker:

docker run -it --rm -p 8080:8080 -v /Users/simon/structurizr:/usr/local/structurizr -e STRUCTURIZR_WORKSPACE_PATH=software-system-1 structurizr/lite

Or with Spring Boot:

export STRUCTURIZR_WORKSPACE_PATH=software-system-1
java -jar structurizr-lite.war /Users/simon/structurizr

Workspace filename

By default, Structurizr Lite will look for files named workspace.dsl and workspace.json in your Structurizr data directory. You can customise this behaviour via an environment variable named STRUCTURIZR_WORKSPACE_FILENAME. For example, the following command will look for files named system-landscape.dsl and system-landscape.json instead:

docker run -it --rm -p 8080:8080 -v /Users/simon/structurizr:/usr/local/structurizr -e STRUCTURIZR_WORKSPACE_FILENAME=system-landscape structurizr/lite

Please note that you do not need to include the .dsl or .json file extension.


By default, auto-save is enabled, with a 5000ms interval. To change this, create a file named in your Structurizr Lite data directory and add the following line, changing the number of milliseconds as required. A value of 0 will disable auto-save.



By default, auto-refresh is disabled, and changes to your workspace will not be seen in your web browser until you refresh the diagrams/documentation/decision pages. To enable auto-refresh, create a file named in your Structurizr Lite data directory and add the following line, changing the number of milliseconds as required. A value of 0 will disable auto-refresh.


When enabled, Structurizr Lite will look for changes to files inside your Structurizr data directory, and the diagrams/documentation/decision pages will automatically refresh when changes are detected.


Structurizr Lite’s auto-sync feature allows you to automatically sync Structurizr Lite with a remote workspace from the Structurizr cloud service or an on-premises installation (excluding on-premises installations with self-signed certificates; support for this may be added in the future). This means that you can use Structurizr Lite for local authoring, and publish that same workspace for other people to view.

Configuring auto-sync

To configure auto-sync, create a file named in your Structurizr Lite data directory. The contents of the file should be as follows; replacing ID, KEY, and SECRET with your remote workspace ID, API key, and API secret respectively (you can find these on your workspace settings page).


A property named structurizr.remote.apiUrl can be used to specify an API URL for on-premises installations (this is not required for the cloud service). A property named structurizr.remote.passphrase can be used to specify the client-side encryption passphrase.

Using auto-sync

With auto-sync configured, Structurizr Lite will pull a copy of your remote workspace upon startup and save it as workspace.json (unless the local version is newer than the remote version) - this includes any diagram layout information, which you will now see in Lite. You can then edit your workspace as usual (e.g. by modifying your workspace.dsl file, saving it, and refreshing your web browser). When you’ve finished making edits, ensure that any local diagram layout changes are saved in Structurizr Lite’s diagram editor. When you shutdown Structurizr Lite, it will automatically push this new version to your cloud service/on-premises installation. Opening your remote workspace will confirm that all changes have been synced.

Read-only diagrams

By default, diagrams are editable. To disable this behaviour and make the diagrams read-only, create a file named in your Structurizr Lite data directory and add the following line.