Deployment view

A deployment view allows you to show how software systems and containers are deployed, by showing the mapping of software system and container instances onto deployment nodes.

workspace {

    model {
        u = person "User"
        s = softwareSystem "Software System" {
            webapp = container "Web Application" "" "Spring Boot"
            database = container "Database" "" "Relational database schema"

        u -> webapp "Uses"
        webapp -> database "Reads from and writes to"
        development = deploymentEnvironment "Development" {
            deploymentNode "Developer Laptop" {
                containerInstance webapp
                deploymentNode "MySQL" {
                    containerInstance database

    views {
        deployment * development {
            include *
            autoLayout lr

This DSL defines a deployment environment named Development, with instances of the webapp and database containers deployed onto some deployment nodes. It also defines a deployment view for this deployment environment, and include * includes the default set of model elements for the view.

Deployment views can be rendered using the Structurizr cloud service/on-premises installation or exported to a number of other formats via the Structurizr CLI export command.