Community tooling

Structurizr DSL editor and IDE plugins

Structurizr DSL plugins

Authoring tools

These tools provide an alternative way to create a Structurizr compatible workspace.

Rendering tools

In addition to the Structurizr cloud service, on-premises installation, and Lite, a variety of other rendering tools are available that can be used to render diagrams from a Structurizr workspace. Please note that the feature set and look/feel of the resulting diagrams will vary between tools.

  • Structurizr Mini: A static site for C4 diagrams from a Structurizr workspace.
  • Structurizr Site Generatr: Generates a HTML microsite with diagrams, documentation, and a UI to explore the model.
  • Kroki: Kroki generates diagrams from a number of text-based formats, including the Structurizr DSL.
  • Asciidoctor: The Structurizr extension allows individual views from a Structurizr DSL workspace to be included in Asciidoc documents.
  • Docusaurus Structurizr Plugin: Use Structurizr DSL files to generate diagrams in your Docusaurus site.
  • c4viz: A browser-based diagram renderer, with diagram navigation and “click to zoom”.
  • Git for Confluence - Markdown, PlantUML, Graphviz, Mermaid: A Confluence plugin that will render a specific diagram from a Structurizr DSL file stored in your git repo.
  • structurizr-md: Structurizr to Markdown.

Similar tools

These tools don’t seem to be compatible with Structurizr, but are similar in nature, and may be worth a look if the Structurizr tooling doesn’t fit your needs.

  • ArchiCode: Streamline architectural design and visualization with an as-code approach. Integrates C4 Model and ArchiMate for efficient workflow.
  • Archinsight: Archinsight project tends to implement architecture-as-code definition of a standard c4 architecture model.
  • Architecture as Code: “Architecture as Code” (AasC) aims to devise and manage software architecture via a readable and version-controlled codebase.
  • Backstage: An open platform for building developer portals.
  • c4builder: A documentation builder - you feed it .md and .puml and it exports a site, pdf, or a markdown with navigation.
  • C4Sharp: A .NET library for building C4 Model diagrams.
  • go-structurizr: A library for auto-generating C4 diagrams from Go applications.
  • LikeC4: LikeC4 is inspired by C4 Model and Structurizr DSL, but provides some additional flexibility.
  • Overarch: Overarch provides a data model for the holistic description of a software system, opening multiple use cases on the model data. Supports C4 and UML diagram generation with PlantUML.
  • RDB Model: Simplified C4 model yaml editor.

You may be able to find more tools via a repository search on GitHub.