The on-premises installation is designed as a way to “publish” diagrams and documentation (a “workspace”) via a unique URL per workspace, for other people within your organisation to view. The general usage pattern is:

  1. Create a workspace:
    1. Using the UI (you’ll see a “New workspace” link after signing in).
    2. Using the admin API.
  2. Author your workspace:
    1. Pushing a Structurizr DSL file via the workspace API using the Structurizr CLI push command (recommended).
    2. Pushing a workspace created using one of the code-based client libraries (e.g. Structurizr for Java) via the workspace API.
    3. Using the browser-based DSL editor (not recommended - it doesn’t support the full feature set).
  3. View the diagrams and documentation via your web browser.

Please note that, unlike Structurizr Lite, you should not directly modify any workspace.json files in the data directory.