By default, all workspaces are accessible by anybody who has access to your Structurizr installation. Anonymous users (not signed in) have read-only access, while authenticated users (signed in) have read-write access. The security of each workspace is summarised on the dashboard with a locked/unlocked icon.

Configuring users and roles

Workspace access can be configured via the “Users” link on your workspace summary page. Two text boxes provide a way to specify the usernames or role names that should have read/write or read-only access. Usernames and roles can also be specified via a regular expression. For example, ^.*$ can be used to match everybody with an e-mail address. Please note that regular expressions must be specified in the form, ^...$.

If you’d prefer, you can also configure the set of users when creating your workspace using the Structurizr DSL, via users. Some code-based libraries (e.g. Structurizr for Java) may also support this feature.